Refilled Cartridges for HP, Lexmark, Canon, Dell, Epson, Brother, Sharp and Xerox.
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Fundraising Opportunities

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Cartridge Collection Program

How can we help your non-profit organization raise money?

At the Ink Factory, we recycle ink jet and laser toner cartridges by refilling them so they can be used again. Your organization can earn money by collecting empty cartridges.

Your involvement teaches the importance of environmental responsibility and keeps extra plastic waste out of our landfills.

Almost everyone uses ink jet or laser toner cartridges at home and work. Remember that every cartridge thrown away could be money for your organization.

How the Program Works

  1. We'll provide collection containers for you to place in strategic locations around your organization or gathering space.
  2. Share the news of your recycling program with family and friends, at church, school and work.
  3. Collect the cartridges and drop them off at our Columbia, MO location during business hours.
  4. We pay top dollar cartridges and you keep the proceeds for your organization.

Cartridge Collection Program Participating Organizations

Start Collecting Cartridges for Your Organization

To get started collecting cartridges contact Sarah, at The Ink Factory by email or phone 573-446-9300.